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We recently captured what just a few of our patients had to say about their treatment at Makefield Dental. If you don't feel like bragging about your dentist, maybe it's time for a change!

Veneers Testimonial - Jim

Even after orthodontics, Jim's smile left a lot to be desired. He had an open bite, and chipped and discolored teeth. Veneers gave Jim the confidence to smile -- something he likes to do often.

Implant Testimonial - Betty

Implants are the best restorations a dentist can place. With 10-year success rates over 95%, implants are a superior option to dentures, bridges or partials.

Veneers Testimonial - Chris

Chemical stains, like those caused by Tetracycline can be disfiguring. Many of these stains are so intense they'll even show through veneers. Dr. Sibner understands the advanced techniques required to make veneers work, even in these difficult situations.

Root Canal Testimonial - Shayna

Most people associate root canal therapy with pain. At Makefield Dental, more than 90% of our patients experience no pain at all when they have root canal therapy, and most of the patients who do have dental infections and pain prior to treatment. Comfortable Root Canals? Yes, at Makefield Dental!

Diabetes Testimonial - John

Diabetes management should extend beyond your GP or endocrinologist to involve all of your medical and dental specialists. Dr. Sibner is an authority on periodontal disease and diabetes. He lectures on the subject at Penn Dental School, and has written articles and continuing education courses on the subject for a national audience.

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